P90X2 Day 6: Balance and Power – Balance This!

This was a tough workout. There were some really awkward movements in it for me. As always, moves that require me to fold all the way over gave me problems because of my belly. Lolsanas can lolsuck my balls!

I didn’t push it too hard today. Because so many of these moves were new, I focused more on learning the move than pushing the weight and reps. I’ll judge how I feel over the next couple of days to make sure I didn’t hurt myself. Assuming all feels well, I feel confident that I’ll be able to really get after it.

Not to say I wasn’t breathing hard! This was still a tough workout, but I could have pushed for more.

Difficult moves:

  • Russian Twist  – Couldn’t really get my bottom half to twist! Guess that comes with more core power.
  • Renegade Row 1/2 Lolsana – Suck it! (see above)
  • Split Lunge – Very frustrating as I try to keep my foot from rolling off the side of the ball. A lot like my first attempts at yoga.
  • Lateral Plyo Pushup – I see myself breaking a wrist soon. Stay still, ball!
  • Dumbbell Super Burpee – That’s just rough! Major heart rate increase.

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