P90X 2013 Week 1 Summary

This is officially the most I’ve weighed while attempting to do P90X. Tipping the scales at a robust 195 lbs is really taking it’s toll on me. I took a peek in my P90X journal from previous years and got an idea of what numbers I put up in the past. uhhh… I’m not there yet.

At one point I was doing 21 reverse grip chin-ups at a time. This week I’m at 5.

During previous rounds I would be tiring out at 35-30 standard push-ups. This week I’m at 18.

It’s crazy to see how it can all go away with a little… ok… a lot of inactivity.

I’m attempting to once again do my workouts in the morning. The good part is you get the workout done early in the day and don’t have time to come up with excuses or ways to “get too busy” throughout the day. The bad part is it’s in the freakin’ morning! It’s cold in the garage and I don’t have much caloric energy to fuel me. I’ve been fasting in my sleep for 5 hours, so at least I’m digging into my fat stores sooner.

Day 1: Chest and Back

As you can guess, this was a real de-motivator. Only being able to do 1/3 to 1/2 the reps I “remember” being able to do really makes me feel like a fat ass. Combined with the atrophy of inactivity, the extra 40lbs I’ve put on since my best after pictures makes for a lot more work pushing and pulling this tub of lard around. Once the weight starts to come off and muscle starts to build, I expect my numbers to go up really fast.

Day 2: Plyometrics

Didn’t finish. Well, I finished the normal round, other than Gap Jumps (I STILL don’t get those), but I didn’t do the bonus round. I finished nearly every exercise 3-5 seconds before he said stop. I think I may be watching that clock too much. At least what I can make out through my tears of agony!

Day 3: Shoulders and Arms

I was a bit afraid of this workout going in. I’ve had some rotator cuff problems in the past and those just take FOREVER to heal. I had to go on a 6 month hiatus in the past due to my right shoulder. Last year it was my left. Luckily I was in fat-lazy mode so it had time to heal. I’d say it’s at about 92%.

With the shoulder still not at 100%, I went really light on the weights. I’m going to be ramping up the weight and lowering the reps as I build more confidence that I’m not going to re-injure it.

My rep counts were down as expected. This year I’m working mostly with Powerblocks and just a few dumbbells for the more common weights I hit. 15, 25, and 35.

Day 4: Yoga… (not Yoga X)

Today was Patience Hummingbird Yoga from the One on One series with Tony Horton. This is a much shorter Yoga DVD without excess explanation and skipping the standing poses. I was really in it for the stretching. The rest of the moves were just so damn frustrating I could hardly stand it. The extra weight has just made it so that I can’t bend where I once was. The fat rolls and gut literally get in the way preventing me to go further.

Day 5: Legs and Back

This one was quite the workout. It always is. Working those big quadriceps really get me panting. I wasn’t too terribly depressed from the results of this workout, except for the pull-ups. Well, those and the wall squats. I “remember” those being no big deal! Well, extra weight = extra hard. I had to bail out half way on the single leg variety. The standard wall squat lasted longer.

Day 6: Kenpo Cardio Plus

This is my preferred upgrade workout from P90X Plus over the standard Kenpo X DVD. It’s got a much better pace. No standing around doing blocks with your arms. You’re moving from left to right doing blocks and your “breaks” are cardio breaks where you do shuffling and jumping jacks until the next round. It’s still not too tough of a work out, so that made for a pretty good day. Plus there were no numbers to write down that would taunt me!



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