A new round of P90X for 2013!

Here I am again, attempting another round of P90X with a bit of modification.

A lot has changed since I last posted here. New house. I’m engaged! I’m fat!

Yeah, it’s bad. This whole new house with a fiance that loves to cook combined with the “holiday season” added about 20 pounds over the year. I do not look good… observe!

Day 1

Muscle pose

Muscle pose

Side Pose

Side Pose

Front Pose

Front Pose

Back pose

Back pose

Back Pose 2

Back Pose 2


  • Weight: 195.6
  • Body Fat: 32.4
  • Chest: 42.5″
  • Waist: 43.5″
  • R Bicep: 15.5″
  • L Bicep: 15″
  • R Thigh: 25.5″
  • L Thigh: 25.5″

See! Fatty McFatterson!


Well now I’ve got a legitimate goal to shoot for. I’m getting married in May… on a beach… with cameras. Time to lose to flub (again) so I can all of those pictures sitting on the mantle for years and years to come.

I haven’t been working out in some time. Something like 4 months I think? I’ve done a few 5Ks but just for fun. As a result, I don’t have a whole lot of things hurting me going into this round. That’s really saying something for me nowadays. In the past I’ve fought shoulder, wrist, forearm, knee, and groin pain while attempting to do my workouts. Gotta keep that from happening again.

I’ve got my fiance, Marilyn, on board too. She’s a great cook and will be cooking me plenty of healthy meals. She’s already looks fabulous, but she’s going to diet with me out of support. How’s that for love? I’ve started her a blog that we’re still in the process of building over at FairlyFitFood.com. She’ll be posting lots of healthy P90X approved recipes as well as fun stuff for little cheat meals. 🙂

I was also allowed to convert part of the garage into a home gym that’s suitable for P90X, Insanity, Light Weights (no bench), and all sorts of cardio. I’ll be putting up a separate post soon showing what it looks like and how I was able to get gym quality flooring on a budget!

Day 0 Vitals, Before Photos

I’ve spent the last few months getting soft, and it shows. Jan 2nd marks the beginning of P90X2. Here’s what I’m working with.


Height:   5’6″
Weight:    173lbs
Body Fat:    27.2%

Chest: 40″
Right Arm: 14 7/16″
Left Arm: 14″
Waist: 39.5″
Hips: 41″
Right Thigh: 22 3/4″
Left Thigh: 22 1/2″


My shame in living color. Gotta fix this!

Phase 1 Complete – 30 Day Progress Photos!

Well the first 30 days have flown by. I’ve been mostly good. Some boozy nights, but other than that, the diet has been pretty much spot on. I haven’t really missed any workout days. I have skipped one day only to do it on Sunday instead, however. So I believe that to be pretty good.

So far I’ve lost about 5 pounds to bring me down to 161.4. My reps and weights are continuously going up every week. I can really feel my abs underneath all that goo that’s left!

Well, here are the photos. There’s some improvement there so far. Tell me what you think!

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P90X – Week 2 Progress Report

Another week down. Had one bad night with the alcohol content, but other than that. Pretty good!


I didn’t log as much into Daily Burn this week. I mostly ate the same thing every day, so there wasn’t a whole lot of a point. I think I’ll be using it more as a touch point during the week to make sure I’m not getting off course.

All of my meals this week were clean. Plenty of vegetables and lean protein. Stuck with one carb a day.

…except for Saturday night. Saturday night was a night out with the lady and friends. At that ended up with plenty of whiskey and a couple of tequila shots. That led to a lethargic Sunday that was very short on calories.


My workouts are improving. My rep numbers are slowly trending up. And I’ve done every ab workout! Well, I did as much of every ab workout as I could stand!

Even when I had an evening out, I was able to get all of my workouts in. I even did it one time after a beer at Hooters with no ill effect. Woops, yeah, one beer. Sue me!

It’s also a big win for me that I’ve not hurt myself. I’ve battled various exercise induced injuries during past rounds, so taking care of my self is of utmost importance. It takes a long to get over some of these injuries.

Stats (amount of change)

Weight – 163 (-3.4)
Chest – 40.75″ (-3.25″)
Right Thigh – 23.75″ (-.25″)
Left Thigh – 24.5″ (+1.5″)
Right Bicep – 14″ (0)
Left Bicep – 13.5″ (o)
Neck – 15.5 (-.75)

I don’t know about these measurements. They’re all over the place. The weight is still going down, which is good. But the other measurements seem to be going the opposite directions. I suppose it really depends on what time of day I’m measuring, how long after a workout, and that day’s diet.


I’m noticing changes in my physique again. My back is showing good musculature instead of being a soft round hump. I can feel those abs starting to building underneath the blubber. Now I just need to let them loose! I have a feeling I’m going to have some impressive “after” photos!

P90X 2011 Round 1 – Before Photos

Here we go again! I’m posting up the “before photos” as I head into another round of P90x. This time it’s right after a rather… filling… holiday season. As you can see, I’ve put on a bit of weight. But, as always, full disclosure! Help me shed this goo! I wanna see an ab this summer. Just one would be splendid!
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