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  1. Olivia says

    I am a 27 year old female that will be starting the P90X. I have purchased Mike’s Mix as a recovery drink…I don’t know if you know much about this product. It has Whey protein in it..that should cover both the recovery drink and the whey protein, right?

  2. Brett says

    Hi Olivia, I’ve actually never heard of Mike’s Mix before. It looks like a decent product. I’d say 20g of protein after a workout is adequate for 27 female of average height. The only thing that stands out as a concern on Mike’s is the carbs. It’s quite a bit more than what’s in the P90X Health and Recovery Drink. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you’re not looking to lose weight or need the extra energy. If you are looking to slim down, however, weight the additional 30g of carbs into the rest of your diet.

  3. Tate says

    Thanks for the write up. I’m starting p90x and trying to figure out exactly what my supplement regimen is going to be. I’m just wondering a couple of things:

    1. Can you write up a specific schedule of the timing and quantity you took these.
    2. There looks to be a little creatine in the recovery, but you don’t have that as a powder.
    Do you have an opinion on creatine use.
    3. Do you still feel like these are the best alternatives and that they are all needed?

    Using supplements are going to be a new thing for me and I’m trying to get as much feedback as possible. Thanks again for your detailed reviews.

  4. Brett says

    I do drink both a Recovery Drink (within 30 minutes of the workout) and a protein drink (within an hour of the workout).

  5. Brett says

    Hi Tate,

    These all look like good topics of full posts that you can look for soon. I’ve been on a hiatus for a while. Here’s the quick answer.

    1) 1 Scoop of protein with my breakfast (oatmeal or shake). Pre-Workout drink (1-3 scoops) 15 minutes before a workout. One scoop of recovery drink within 30 minutes of after a workout. 1 Scoop of protein powder within 1 hour after a workout. I often find myself lacking on protein for the day, so I’ll add in a shake here and there, or casein before bed, to get to my recommended amount of protein.
    2) There is creatine in the recovery drink, as well as in the pre-workout drink. That’s why I don’t take a seperate dosage of the stuff. I’m all for taking it. Do keep in mind that you’ll notice less “cut” when on creatine as it adds a lot of water mass to your muscles.
    3) These are the best that I’ve used and why I’m recommending them. There are a lot to chose from and new stuff coming out every day. In the end, it’s just a matter of splitting hairs to find the supplement that is 2% better than another.

  6. Francis says

    thank you for writing this very helpful article. i have a question about your vitamin mixture. when do you take these vitamins?

  7. Rachel says

    Hi Brett i have a question. I am currently pregnant so I will be starting p90x shortly after the baby is born, and to lose the extra pregnancy pounds I was going to do 30 minutes of elliptical right out of bed in the morning and then do p90x in the afternoon… my question is should I do a pre workout drink and post workout drink before and after both workouts each day? I just don’t want to overdo it with the supplements. What would you recommend?

  8. Brett says

    Hi Rachel,

    First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy!

    I’d love to advise you on the appropriate supplements to take to lose the baby weight, but I’m afraid I’ll have to defer to your doctor in this case. I do know that your nutritional needs are very different immediately after having a child, but I have no experience or expertise in this area. I think this is something you should really ask you OBGYN. Sorry I couldn’t be more help, but I wish you the best!

  9. Mike says

    Thanks for this article – I’m about to begin the P90x on Monday, and was doing all my nutritional hw before hand – and this is one handy and economical guide. Thanks for it…

    Question – do I really need to buy a separate recovery drink? I’m already on board with Optimum Nutrition, can’t I just chug down the 100% Whey Gold Standard for my post workout, then end my day with ON’s Casein protein?

    Also, I’m just planning to keep it more simple with regards to supplements – like Kirkland’s Glucosamine & Chondroitin, and vitamin supplements – would it be okay if I didn’t take additional calcium tablets (bc of the Glucosamine & Chondroitin), and Fish oil?

    I want to take it easy, minimizing my intake of man-made products…

  10. Brett says

    Hi Mike,
    I do believe that a recovery drink is very important for muscle group and the time you take it is just as important; within 15 minutes of your workout. You can however use a great alternative without dealing with more powders from the store, I respect that. Chocolate milk is “nature’s” recovery drink. Though I’m not sure which cow gives chocolate milk! Drink a big glass of low-fat chocolate milk right after a workout and you’re good to go. Honest.

    Getting your calcium from supplements is just easy. You need to get it from somewhere. We all know that calcium makes your bones stronger. Some studies have shown that an excess of protein can make your bones weaker. I suggest you still get a lot of calcium, say 1000 mg/day, through whatever means you wish. That’s going to be a lot of yogurt and sardines! Hmmm… a yogurt-sardine smoothie perhaps?? Let me know how that tastes 🙂

  11. Jose Cuteno says

    I’m about to start P90X after new years and for the supplements I got gold standard Whey as the vitamin and accelerade as the recovery drink. I was wondering if those would be good to use I did a little bit of research.
    How do I take the vitamin and the recovery drink because I was reAding the p90x daily plan and it doesn’t say when to take it before or after the workout?
    I was planning on doing this for my food
    Breakfast ( oatmeal )
    Snack bar
    Salad with turkey
    Snack bar
    Dinner salad with chicken
    And I would get my vitamin from the protein shake because I’m trying to loose more calories than I eat

  12. Brett says

    Congratulations on making the commitment for after the new year. I’ll be right there starting a new round with you!

    Accelerade is a pretty good choice for a recovery drink. At first it looks like a lot of sugars, but then again, the P90X Results and Recovery drink has a lot as well. It still has the 4:1 protein to carb ratio you’re looking for, but I don’t see any L-Glutamine, L-Arganine, or Creatine. The L’s are pretty standard amino acids found in the best recovery drinks.

    You’ll want to take the vitamins with a meal at about the same time each day. I doesn’t matter so much what time you take them other than the burst of B-12 you’ll get, depending on the kind of vitamin you’re taking. B-12 is an energy booster in itself, so you may want to take it a few hours before your workout. I take the Animal Paks as I mention above. Those are split into two packages, one in the morning and one in the evening. That way I feel I’m absorbing more of the vitamins than if I took them all at once. Your body can only absorb so much before passing the rest through your system.

    The recovery drink should be taken within 15 minutes of your hardest workout of the day. If you’re doing doubles, you can take half after each workout. This is the key period in which your muscles are craving the nutrients and amino acids it needs to recover.

    As for the Diet:
    Good job on getting the carbs in early. That gives you the energy to burn during the day.
    I’d suggest you stick with one snack bar a day. I know that’s the easiest way to do it, and I did it for a while. But I didn’t see the same results as when I made my own snacks such as celery and almond butter or beef jerky or nuts.
    As long as you’re getting the right amount of protein that’s recommended for your body, then I think you’ll be good. It will feel like you’re eating a ton, and that’s OK! Just as long as what you’re eating is CLEAN. Good calories will give you energy and let you shed the fat while retaining muscle.

  13. Matt says

    I am currently taking EAS Whey protien every morning, 1 scoop with 8oz of skim milk and a banana blended together. I really dont want to spend the money on the p90x branded stuff, but I do want to get maximum results when I start my p90X routine…any suggestions.

  14. Brett says

    Matt, I suggest you go with the Optimum Nutrition branded 100% Gold Standard Whey from the recommendation above. The strawberry or chocolate will take great with banana and milk!

  15. Dawn says

    I just started the p90x system and wanted to know if I should drink the recovery drink. I want to loose the 40 extra pounds I gained and am worried if I drink the recovery drink it will add weight! What do you think?

  16. Brett says

    I’ll start off by saying the P90X isn’t necessarily a weight loss program. It’s about getting you in shape. Now if you’re significantly overweight, you’re going to lose a lot of that fat in the process, but your scale won’t go down as fast as if you just went on a diet + cardio. Your measurements will be the biggest improvement.

    The recovery drink is an important part of the entire program as it helps you get you what you need when you need it. There are a fair amount of calories in that scoop, so yes, it will initially slow down the weight loss. If you’re 40lbs over where you would like to be, then I don’t think you’ll be putting on weight at all during a round of P90X. What you’ll find, though, is that after putting on the muscle you get from lifting weights and taking in protein, you’ll begin burning fat faster. Your metabolism will be higher all of the time and you’ll start to get leaner as the hungry muscle eats your fat reserves. I noticed after completing the program that not only did I lose the weight, I was able to weather those “bad” days of eating poorly. It didn’t go right to my waist as it did in the past. I was able to burn it up because I did it right and focused on my overall fitness rather than the scale.

  17. Youssef Diab says

    Hi, I am a 16 years old male, and I’m welling to start p90x program soon… so I wanted to ask you about taking supplements, is it okay to take these kind of supplements in my age, because I’m not feeling well with taking it, and please tell me if there is any alternatives for my age … thanks in advance

  18. Ronald says

    I have a question about the multrivitamin suppliments alternative.. I chose to take the gnc megamen . I read on a website in order to match the multivitamins in p90x supliments you have to take twice the dosage of GNC megamen sports so that is about 4 pills A day .. Ive been doing that and everything is fine but then i read that you still lack calcium and on here I read that you lack omega 3’s .. My question what is your recomendation dosage I should take If I chose to add both the vitamin d and omega3 alternatives you have listed.. where you recomending 4 gnc megamen aday also?please let me know how many fishoils and vitamind’s you have listed up there I should take so i can buy add them to my schedule thanks!!

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